Approaching Scotland…
At the beginning of this school year –from 15th till 29th September- some of the students of INS Ronda were happily travelling through Edinburgh and Scottish lands in a trip we deserved –so we had been working really hard during the summer. Many of you might think we had been as clever as anyone and managed to escape from the first days’ classes stress. In fact, we were. Whereas our Catalan mates were enjoying high perfect temperatures and still wearing shorts, we were struggling to put up with that famous Scottish weather far away from pleasant! Now, seriously. A group of thirty 1st year Batxillerat students decided to take the most of our two-week stay, and I can assure you that’s exactly what we did. Some of us had previous experience and took the most of that time. Among our everyday activities you could find: walking tours through the historical slippery Edinburgh, trekking windy excursions to enjoy the picturesque landscapes, Gaelic workshops, theatre plays, Scottish literature, history, geography and economy lessons, Italian or even Swiss relationships, political conversations… and a language immersion always present. As one could say: we had lots to do and precious little time to do it. Without forgetting our Catalan roots –which we were always announcing and led us to interesting arguments-, we became piece by piece a bit more Scottish. Our host families and the whole group of our MacKenzie teachers brought us the useful opportunity to go into deep in the culture of another country and find out in the distance how similar this far away country is to our home. I personally think that’s one of the most important aspects this trip taught us, those values of sharing, of learning one form the other, we also learnt people dealing skills; but as always when we have to leave our families behind: we learnt how to be once more independent; not only in our acts but in our minds. I reckon this kind of experiences are the ones we will all remember as being the most useful in a near future. Because I personally believe that getting to know other countries widens our horizons and teaches us to be open-minded, to understand and to acquire knowledge from every single experience. And as my host lady always said: that’s the attitude!
                                                                       Anna Graell Collado